Stormclouds and RAINBOWS!

Stormclouds and RAINBOWS!

The Details

Name: Stormclouds and RAINBOWS!

Location: Dee Street, Banchory

Created by: Joanna Craig

Sponsor: Light the North Partners

Design Inspiration

A gathering of storm clouds surround the base of the lighthouse, juxtaposed with an abundant illustration of the most spectacular light show on earth….RAINBOWS!!!
Joanna was inspired to use the idea of weather in connection with ‘Lighthouse’ to parallel the literal connection of the sky, the sea, the elements and an emotional experience of cancer. Stormclouds and the beams of light breaking through; a beautiful, emotive reflection of the strength, the bravery, the love, care and determination of everyone involved in the stories. A mirrored lens case boldly reflecting light out to the world.

Joanna Craig

Joanna is constantly inspired by her experience of the land beneath her feet. In her work, Joanna finds catalytic value in parallels and juxtapositions, surroundings and ideas. Joanna uses and partners her studies of geological diversity, land form and landscapes, coastlines and river mouths, alongside her studies of what she describes as ‘the zealous, rich experiences found in the culture right within our cities’ as her inspiration and fuel for her creative output. Joanna’s Artworks translate these evocations directly into her artworks to communicate creative representations and alternative view points using energy, colour, composition and ideas inspired by the land as she experiences and views it.

Joanna Craig artworks can be found in private and public collections nation and worldwide.

Light The North

Light The North