Light Stitch

Litch Stitch

The Details

Name: Light Stitch

Location: Victoria Pier, Lerwick

Created by: Leah Pendleton

Sponsor: Lerwick Port Authority

Design Inspiration

Leah’s design celebrates the traditional Scottish knitting technique of Fair Isle. Hailing from Fair Isle in the Shetland Islands, this style of knitting can be distinguished by patterns using multiple colours. Leah’s lighthouse is covered in detailed patterns inspired by Fair Isle designs. The overall appearance will resemble a knitted lighthouse.

Leah Pendleton

Leah Pendleton is a York-based signwriter and artist. She creates blackboard artwork, signage, illustrations and murals for shops, breweries, bars, restaurants and street food outlets. She often uses paint markers to achieve colourful, detailed, and eye-catching designs. Playful, cartoon-style illustration and clean lines distinguish her work.

Light The North

Light The North