Guiding Stars

Guiding Stars

The Details

Name: Guiding Stars

Location: Don Mouth, Beach Esplanade, Aberdeen

Created by: Lorna Jappy

Sponsor: Original 106

Design Inspiration

Lorna’s lighthouse design is based on a starry night’s sky. When the lighthouse shines bright to guide sailors and fishermen home, it is often surrounded by sparkling stars. The beam that comes from the lighthouse has a purpose of guidance and warning, whereas stars have many personal meanings.
In Lorna’s artwork where she wanted to convey the feeling that a person is never alone and there is always someone with them. From her own experience, night-time can be lonely especially when dealing with the emotions that cancer brings. Looking up at a clear nights sky can give comfort and the star constellations above help us feel that we are not alone.
CLAN is like a night time star constellation, where the charity is the twinkling supportive light that supports patients, family and friends through the difficult times that cancer brings.

Lorna Jappy

Lorna considers herself to be very creative and likes to absorb herself in as many art and design projects as possible. At present she has returned to full-time education to retrain as a primary school teacher. Her previous working role was as an Interior Designer, where daily she used to be surrounded with pattern, colour, texture, and tone. Her work then spanned from domestic interior projects to large scale commercial schemes.

Having trained in printed textiles she has a keen eye for pattern and a particular interest in all things geometric. She enjoys participating in workshops along with other creatives and learning new skills, certainly a keen dabbler.

Lorna is no stranger to charity art trails and has already created several art sculptures for local charity events. She enjoys the whole experience that these art trails create. From meeting other artists when painting the artworks, to the art trail launch, then seeing the pieces in their trail locations to ultimately the charity auction night. Being part of a project that engages the community as well as highlighting and supporting an amazing charity with a personal cancer link to her own family is very important to her.

With Lorna’s hometown being Lossiemouth, the lighthouse and its emblem has played an integral part of childhood memories. She is delighted to be part of such an inspiring art trail both in the sculpture being a lighthouse but also in its support for a cancer charity. As always, she likes to pay tribute to her husband Chris, where the Ginger Prince is often found within the artwork. His support during these art projects whilst continuing to keep up his own cancer fight, spurs Lorna on immensely.

Light The North

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