Flight of the North

Flight of the North

The Details

Name: Flight of the North

Location: Crimond Medical and Community Hub, Crimond

Created by: Nicola Boon Illustration

Sponsor: Ancala Midstream Acquisitions Limited

Design Inspiration

As with her last Wild In Art design, Nicola is keen to take the opportunity by using the ongoing threat to our environment as the topic for the project. Recent environmental news reports concentrate on highlighting the impending dangers facing our natural world, including the threatened future of Scotland’s seabirds.

Dwindling food supplies and climate change are the most significant factors contributing to the decline in numbers of some of Scotland’s most iconic coastal birds. Puffins and kittiwakes remain on the red list which is the highest conservation priority. Other species such as guillemots, razorbills and fulmars are on the amber list. A recent proposal by the RSPB is to map “marine hotspots” in an effort to halt the birds decline by identifying the most important areas to protect.

With this in mind Nicola wishes to create a piece that incorporates all these species. Inspired by the spectacular cliffs at Fowlsheugh, she wishes to portray the distinctive Scottish climate, fresh air and the cool spray of the North Sea. She wants it to be playful, with every bird telling a story.

Nicola Boon Illustration

Nicola is an illustrator and teacher from Scotland. After graduating from DJCAD in Dundee, she studied for an MSc in Publishing in Edinburgh, where she has been living an working for the past ten years. During this time she has worked with Well Being Scotland as an art teacher, and with incredible clients such as Invisible Cities, Strathberry of Scotland and The Book Fringe. She has also displayed work in various venues around the city.

Her style is delicate and detailed, whimsical and dreamlike. Usually working in watercolour, and pen and ink. She likes to tell personal stories through her own practise and is inspired by the earth and human relationships.

Light The North

Light The North