Fittie of the Rising Sun

Fittie of the Rising Sun

The Details

Name: Fittie of the Rising Sun

Location: Nigg Bay Golf Club, Aberdeen

Created by: Jetpack Dinosaur - Chris Bissett

Sponsor: Mearns & Gill

Design Inspiration

Chris’ design is entitled ‘Fittie of the Rising Sun’ and is a continuation of a concept he has been developing which came from refocusing his aesthetic style and practice back onto his immediate surroundings. Chris grew up in Aberdeenshire, and spent a lot of time along the northern coast around Banff and Moray, so took inspiration from the tiny coastal towns with crooked, winding lanes that almost trickle off into the sea. They rest above the huge slabs of angular waves below, creating a contrast to convey the stalwart sanctuary these humble and aged dwellings offer.

Jetpack Dinosaur - Chris Bissett

Chris Bissett works under the artist name Jetpack Dinosaur, and is an Aberdeen based artist, illustrator and print maker. Chris’ work employs a strict palette limited to black, white and red, and uses linework and shape to give his work tone and depth, with imagery heavily inspired by Eastern influences, with definite nods to traditional Japanese woodblock prints and sumi-e ink drawings. As well as working on paper, Chris has taken part in several larger scale projects in the public domain, most notably the Painted Doors Project 2016 and the Oor Wullie Bucket Trail in 2019, as well as enrolling as an artists’ assistant in 2019’s nuart festival.

Other recent career highlights include completing a week-long residency with Kekun Studio in 2019, which culminated in a sell-out exhibition of newly produced large drawings and paintings; a week long solo exhibition at the Old Smiddy in Kincardine O’Neil in August; and a solo exhibition in Parx Cafe entitled Yamadori.

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