Where The Light Becomes The Dark


The Details

Name: Where The Light Becomes The Dark

Location: Castlegate, Aberdeen

Created by: Ali Elly Design

Sponsor: Midcontintent (Aberdeen) Ltd

Design Inspiration

Over 60% of our planet is covered by water. The deep sea is the largest habitat on earth and is still largely unexplored. ‘Where the light becomes the dark’ design explores the fascinating marine life that lives in the depths. The bioluminescence lantern fish, angler fish, krill and jellyfish are just some of the strange creatures we have discovered. Imagine what else we are yet to discover?

Ali Elly Design

Working from her studio on the Northumberland coastline, Ali is an environmental artist whose artworks are inspired by the seas and oceans of our fragile planet. Her work helps highlight the important issues facing vulnerable marine life. She explores the aesthetics of the underwater world to achieve a modern, clean and uncomplicated style with a strong emphasis on illustration. With a background in textile design, she is always searching for natural patterns, using organic formations and composition to make her designs flow. This unique style is further enhanced by her obsession with the colour blue. Working to connect art with science, she enjoys continually learning about the consequences of unbalance in the oceans. Every design starts an interesting conversation.

Light The North

Light The North