Stronger Together

Stronger Together

The Details

Name: Stronger Together

Location: St. Nicholas Square, Aberdeen

Created by: Happy Emo

Sponsor: Schlumberger Oilfield UK Plc

Design Inspiration

Stronger Together’ features 60 unique lighthouse illustrations, each one different and individual. The background is a painted gradient, with sculptural highlights in a beautiful sunshine yellow.

This lighthouse can be a very singular, solitary symbol; it only seemed right to cover this solo lighthouse in a Clan of its own! ‘Stronger Together’ illustrates that although we are all different and each have our own unique light to shine; we are not alone and together we shine even brighter.

Happy Emo

Elaine has been illustrating and designing under her moniker Happy Emo for the last decade, since graduating with a Graphic Design degree from Limerick School of Art in 2010. Her work is whimsical, fun and colourful – often with a dash of weird thrown in!

Elaine has worked for various design studios, creating branding and visual content for a number of international companies. However Happy Emo is her passion and she enjoys illustrating these vibrant and playful creations.

Amongst other projects Happy Emo has been commissioned to create a large scale installation for The Safari Lounge, a solo exhibition in Hula and a site specific piece for The Wee Pub, all in Edinburgh. She was the only artist in Scotland to be selected to take part in the Intu Elephant Parade which toured throughout the UK for over a year.

Happy Emo illustrations are bright and colourful, full of penguins and positivity! Cute and friendly characters inhabit weird and wonderful imaginary worlds, giving a smile to anyone who sees them.

Happy Emo is originally from Ireland but has called Scotland home for the past eight years. Her work appeals to the child in us all and is full of details, giving something new to see every time you look a little closer.

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