Northern Lights

Northern Lights

The Details

Name: Northern Lights

Location: Memorial Garden, Inverurie

Created by: Ellie Mulhern

Sponsor: Intellicore Ltd and Harper UK

Design Inspiration

The northern lights (Aurora) link perfectly with the light of the north. Nature’s own beautiful northern lights, like the lighthouse, can be a beacon in the darkness and a symbol of hope.

Ellie Mulhern

Ellie Mulhern is a Scottish-based artist who creates enchanting landscapes that capture the beauty of the hills, coastline and also the northern lights.

Before photography, it was only through art that the Aurora Borealis could be captured and recorded at all. With the development of photography, scientists and artists could begin to understand and capture this natural wonder.

Born and brought up in the Shetland Isles, Ellie is no stranger to the stunning shows of the Aurora where they are somewhat common, pending on the right conditions. Inspired by their beauty she has always been fascinated by the night sky and the universe.

Light The North

Light The North