Liquid Gold

Liquid Gold

The Details

Name: Liquid Gold

Location: Pocra Quay, Aberdeen

Created by: Judith Berrill

Sponsor: McGinty's Group

Design Inspiration

Liquid Gold’ shines a light on the art of Scottish whisky making. The story is told in words on the bands of the lighthouse and in the pictures. From the soft clear water from the rivers, springs and mountains, the barley, strangely shaped copper stills and pagoda roofs, the seasoned oak barrels and the multitude of bottles and brands. The result ‘a glass of liquid gold’.

The mysterious angel’s share is represented by the hidden angel lighthouses, there will be six to find hidden in the design!

Judith Berrill

Judith has been an active artist for over 30 years since qualifying with a Fine Art degree at Leeds University. She works in various media including book illustration, set design, painting and graphic design. Recent successful exhibitions have featured her topographical paintings based on maps and the paths of her countryside walks on the Sussex Downs.

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