Lighting The Dark

Lighting The Dark

The Details

Name: Lighting The Dark

Location: Banff Castle, Banff

Created by: Infinite Sky Murals

Sponsor: The Good Sleep Company

Design Inspiration

This stylish and eye-catching design illustrates the ability of lighthouses – both literal and metaphorical – to transform dark into light. Just as CLAN are a beacon of hope for so many, this design celebrates the lighthouse as a beacon and guide.

A purple geometric gradient radiates outward with the lighthouse at its centre. On the opposite side sparkles the moon and stars, but even from the darkness colour slowly appears.

‘Lighting the Dark’ is a striking and contemporary design; it represents hope in hard times. Reminding us that there is always a guiding light, no matter how dark the night.

Infinite Sky Murals

Infinite Sky create bold and colourful murals inspired by the natural world, featuring beautiful colour combinations and subtle gradients.

Infinite Sky murals are energetic and lively, transforming spaces with bright sweeping colour and interesting elements of detail… bringing the outside in and offering new perspectives on plain walls.

Their work can be found in Edinburgh, Fife, Inverness, Dundee, Ireland and Mexico – in yoga studios, homes, retreat centres, hotels, birthing rooms, on a giant penguin sculpture and even once on Portobello beach!

Light The North

Light The North