Let There BEE Light


The Details

Name: Let There BEE Light

Location: Bellfield Park, Banchory

Created by: Lois Carson

Sponsor: The Banchory Light

Design Inspiration

The design Lois has based her visual concept on is the humble bumblebee and the lighthouse. Combined they convey a message of strength, security and healing for anyone in need of a guiding light or a ray of hope, friends and family included. The lighthouse built to shine a warning light and the bumblebee’s honeycomb built to shelter its precious golden contents. The bumblebees can be seen working hard flying towards the lighthouse beacon, each carrying a golden honeycomb, a symbol for keeping the light burning. “Let There BEE Light”.

Lois Carson

Lois Carson brought up her family abroad. On returning to the UK she studied at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen as a mature student and gained a BA(Hons) in Fine Art and MFA in 2003 and 2007 respectively. Since graduating, Lois has lived locally and worked within the arts sector to date.

Lois employs a diverse approach, working with an array of materials and processes. The catalyst, often being context-specific in nature, provides a framework to work within.

These processes and materials manifest themselves as a tool kit that is used to manipulate an array of visual results. She often varies the media used, crossing between and combining together traditional and contemporary materials. A challenging skill base which includes 2 and 3 dimensional practices, combined with a richness of methodologies conveys directly her enjoyment of working with concept based projects. Working in this way, Lois likes to engage with a certain concept, drawing our attention and promoting a specific context.

Light The North

Light The North