Fisherman’s Friends

Fisherman's Friends

The Details

Name: Fisherman’s Friends

Location: Market Square, Stonehaven

Created by: Glen Brooks, Creative Design Consultant at Studio Glen

Sponsor: Stonehaven Business Association

Design Inspiration

Celebrating keepers and their lighthouses, who are inextricably entwined in a special symbiosis. These ‘Fishermen’s Friends’ light safe passage, with such care and respon-sea-bility. Normally hidden behind the life saving lights, here we see the keepers in the forefront of the lighthouse, the master of the night light and saviour of his seafarers.

I would like to dedicate this design to the whole CLAN of carers who act as a guiding light through difficult times for those in need.

Glen Brooks, Creative Design Consultant at Studio Glen

Glen of Studio Glen, has been an artist for 22 years working in the corporate and design industry, the entertainment industry and recently for Damien Hirst at his studio and currently regular commissions for The Connor Brothers in London.

His work is extremely varied from drawing, painting, sculpture. Over the years he has developed an extraordinary portfolio which demonstrates a broad range of skills in art practices. Personally he enjoys working uniquely with various media and colour matching and mixing. He likes to experiment in his own practice new technical challenges and has developed them through many years of experience.

Commissions he has completed sit in both private homes and hotels around the world as well as television work. His client work can be very intense and challenging, in spite of this he has a calm and thoughtful manner, he committed to delivering above and beyond for his clients.

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