7th Wonder

7th Wonder

The Details

Name: 7th Wonder

Location: Beach Esplanade Benches, Aberdeen

Created by: Kym Parker of Kilo Papa Studio

Sponsor: Spectrum Service Solutions Ltd

Design Inspiration

Kym’s artwork has been inspired by the construction of the Bell Rock Lighthouse, which sits 11 miles off the coast of the town of Arbroath where she is from. Built in the early 1800’s it was a controversial, dangerous and seemingly impossible project with relentless challenges presented by the sea. But with clever construction and engineering, they did it and it still stands and operates to this day.

It has been saving lives for over 200 years and is deservedly one of the 7th wonders of the industrial world. Kym wanted to pay homage to this amazing structure and the way it works with nature. She has created a juxtaposed design, painting the geometric alongside the organic and highlighting the beauty of both. She hope it inspires us all when facing difficult challenges, in particular the impossible ones.

Kym Parker of Kilo Papa Studio

Kym Parker is the artist behind Kilo Papa Studio. Originally trained in textile design, and with a keen eye for detail, her patterns and doodles are inspired by anything from architecture to nature. Industrial patterns and organic shapes inform her intricate work and bring to life the recognisable subjects in which they reside. Her style is highly intricate and she works with fine liner pens to create unique illustrations of just about anything, that she fills with the doodles and patterns that litter her mind. There’s nothing quite like the start (and finish) of one of her masterpieces!

Light The North

Light The North